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Your DM Toolkit

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Your DM Toolkit

Shruthi Sundaram
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Overthinking your first DM?

You see a super interesting person on Twitter/LinkedIn. Or a possible lead. But you freeze or go into an overthinking cycle, struggling to start the conversation.


DMs are the fundamentals of any 1:1 interactions on social media. And over the past 2 years of talking to 100s of people, I know many of you struggle to send your first DM.

Imposter syndrome, "What will the other person think of me?", "How do I start the conversation?" or "What if the other person doesn't respond?" are the most common questions.

Why send DMs to people in the first place? Because it helps us to build great connections with people!

  • Getting leads and clients. Thus, generating revenue
  • Growth opportunities that you might not receive otherwise.
  • Learning from people ten steps ahead of us.
  • Most importantly, making great friends and supporting each other!

I'm not promising that the DM Toolkit will remove all your fears in one day. But it'll remove the friction and give you a place to start with. And I hope to help you with some of your fears.

This toolkit mainly consists of 3 parts:

  1. 21 DM Templates - To give you the inspiration, to send that first inspiration.
  2. Tips and guidelines to make your journey easier
  3. Resources for you to amp up your DM game

Note: The toolkit will keep getting updated periodically. You'll receive updates when that happens!

Not believing it yet?

This is what people have to say!

Who am I?

Hey friendđź‘‹!

I'm Shruthi, an Organic Growth Coach, and I help first-time entrepreneurs like you kickstart their sustainable, long-term online businesses via authentic relationship building and growing their tribe.
Feel free to DM me on Twitter/LinkedIn if you wish to chat!

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You'll get 21 DM Templates, Tips and Resources to help you kickstart your DM journey. You can also book a 45-min AMA 1:1 coaching session to make your process easier.


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